Friday, September 02, 2011

Beaded Paisley Wire Wrapped Earrings

So it's been a while. Summer fun definitely stole me away from my beading and away from my computer. To welcome the first day of September, I sat inside after work and made a pair of earrings. It helped that I have a birthday party coming up this weekend for which I offered to contribute some jewelry as part of the gift. Having a deadline definitely gave me that extra bit of motivation! I ended up combining both wire work and beads to create some fun earrings. They kind of remind me of a paisley pattern.

When I had finished the first one I wasn't quite sure if I liked them but once the mirror image pair was complete, I was really happy with the results. The wire frame is made of 20 gauge silver round wire which I hammered to stiffen it once I had shaped it. The inside swirls are made of 24 gauge square silver wire. Some mauve frosted glass seed beads on the outside and a dangling 4mm swarovski bicone crystal completed the look. Everything was woven together using 28 gauge round silver wire. Hopefully the recipient will enjoy them too!

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